Martina Mansions Condo Transaction: A Guide to Condo Living Along 315 Bukit Timah Road

Discover the allure of Martina Mansions, a sought-after condo nestled in the prestigious district of Bukit Timah, Singapore. Learn why this freehold development is not just a residence but a lifestyle choice for discerning homeowners and investors. This article is essential for anyone considering a unit at Martina Mansions, providing detailed insights into rental opportunities, pricing trends, and the advantages of its strategic location near top-tier amenities and MRT stations.

Outline of Martina Mansions, 315 Bukit Timah Road

1. What Makes Martina Mansions an Ideal Condo Choice in Singapore?

Martina Mansions, located at 315 Bukit Timah Road, stands as a prime example of Singapore’s luxurious living. As a freehold condo completed in 2000, it offers residents stability and a sense of permanence in their investment. The condo’s strategic location in District 10, one of Singapore’s most coveted residential districts, makes it an attractive spot for both locals and expats.

The architecture and design of Martina Mansions reflect a blend of modern sophistication with comfortable living. Each unit is crafted to cater to the needs of its residents, ensuring that style meets functionality seamlessly.

2. How Do Transactions Occur at Martina Mansions?

When dealing with transactions for a condo like Martina Mansions, several factors come into play. Potential buyers and renters must consider the listing price, historical transaction trends, and the current market climate in Singapore. With only 31 units available, each transaction at Martina Mansions is highly individualized and requires attention to detail.

Moreover, transactions are often facilitated by real estate agents who specialize in the Tanglin and Bukit Timah areas, ensuring that both buyers and sellers receive professional advice and service throughout the process.

3. What Are the Available Units at Martina Mansions?

Availability at Martina Mansions varies with the dynamic Singapore condo market. Potential residents can choose from various unit sizes, each offering distinct floor plans to suit different preferences. Whether it’s a cozy apartment for singles or larger units for families, Martina Mansions caters to a diverse clientele.

Interested parties should consistently check listings and engage with realtors who have a direct line to the latest updates on available units at this prestigious condominium.

4. Why Is Renting at Martina Mansions Advantageous?

Renting a condo unit at Martina Mansions comes with its perks. For those not ready to purchase property, renting provides flexibility and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in a high-end district like Bukit Timah without the long-term commitment.

Rental agreements at Martina Mansions are competitive, reflecting both the quality of living and the demand for units in this area. Residents enjoy access to a full suite of amenities and are positioned near Singapore’s central region.

Martina Mansions near to Stevens MRT (DT10/TE11)

5. How Convenient Is the MRT Stations Accessibility from Martina Mansions?

Accessibility is key in Singapore, and Martina Mansions does not disappoint. Located near Stevens MRT (DT10/TE11) and Newton MRT (NS21/DT11), residents have easy access to public transportation that connects them to all parts of Singapore efficiently.

Having such MRT stations nearby means that even those without private transport can navigate the city conveniently, making it an ideal location for professionals who commute daily.

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6. What Kind of Amenities Can You Expect Near Martina Mansions?

Living in Martina Mansions means having an array of amenities right at your doorstep. From shopping malls like Balmoral Plaza to gourmet supermarkets like Cold Storage, everything one needs for a comfortable life is within reach.

Additionally, the vicinity boasts several dining options, from quaint cafes to upscale restaurants, catering to a range of culinary preferences. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the nearby Botanic Gardens provide a lush escape from urban life.

7. How Does Martina Mansions Fare in Price Trends?

Investing in property at Martina Mansions requires understanding the current price trends within Bukit Timah and District 10. Historically, condos in this area have seen steady appreciation due to their prime location and quality of living offered.

Potential buyers should analyze market data from recent years to gauge the investment potential. Factors such as the economic climate and property cooling measures can affect pricing trends significantly.

Martina Mansions within 1km to Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
Source: The Strait Times

8. What Are the Nearby Educational Institutions to Martina Mansions?

For families considering Martina Mansions, education is often a top priority. Fortunately, this condo is situated near some of Singapore’s most reputable schools, including Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, and Raffles Girls’ School, providing excellent educational options for children.

Being in proximity to such institutions is a significant advantage, reducing travel time and contributing to the overall desirability of the location.

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9. FAQs on Living and Investing in Martina Mansions

Prospective residents and investors often have queries regarding living in and investing in Martina Mansions. Addressing these FAQs can help clarify the benefits and any potential concerns, such as understanding the maintenance fees, the process of condo transactions, or the prospects of rental yield.

Additionally, insight into the daily living experiences of current residents can give newcomers a candid look at what to expect when calling Martina Mansions home.

10. The Benefits of Choosing Martina Mansions on Bukit Timah Road

Martina Mansions is not just a residential address; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers convenience, luxury, and a sense of community. Its location on Bukit Timah Road positions it perfectly for those seeking a balance between city living and tranquil retreats.

The condo’s proximity to essential amenities, educational institutions, and transport links makes it a wise choice for both families and individuals looking to thrive in Singapore’s vibrant environment.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from our exploration of Martina Mansions:

  • Prime Location: Situated in District 10, along Bukit Timah Road, offering stability and prestige.
  • Exclusive Living: With only 31 units, Martina Mansions provides an intimate and high-quality living experience.
  • Accessibility: Near MRT stations like Stevens and Newton, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Amenities: A wealth of nearby amenities including malls, schools, and dining options.
  • Investment Potential: Price trends indicate steady appreciation in property values.
  • Educational Opportunities: Proximity to top-tier primary and international schools.
  • Comprehensive FAQs: Essential for addressing common queries about life at Martina Mansions.


Q: What are the facilities available at Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Martina Mansions offers a range of facilities including a swimming pool, gym, function room, and 24-hour security.

Q: How many units are there in Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Martina Mansions comprises a total of 31 units, providing a sense of exclusivity and privacy for its residents.

Q: Where is Martina Mansions Condo located?

A: Martina Mansions is situated at 315 Bukit Timah Road in the prime district of Tanglin, providing a convenient and coveted address.

Q: Can you provide information about the nearest primary schools to Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Nearby primary schools include Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, St. Joseph’s Institution Junior, and Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), offering quality education options for families.

Q: What are the transportation options near Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Residents at Martina Mansions have easy access to nearby MRT stations such as Newton (DT11/NS21) and Novena (DT10), ensuring convenient connectivity to various parts of Singapore.

Q: Is Martina Mansions a freehold or leasehold development?

A: Martina Mansions is a freehold condo development, adding to its allure and long-term value for potential buyers and investors.

Q: Are there any international schools in proximity to Martina Mansions Condo?

A: International schools like the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Chatsworth International School, and the International School Singapore are easily accessible from Martina Mansions, catering to the needs of expat families.

Q: Can you provide details about the floor plans available at Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Floor plans at Martina Mansions range from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, each designed to maximise space and offer modern living concepts.

Q: How is the process for transacting at Martina Mansions Condo?

A: For those interested in transacting at Martina Mansions, it is advisable to engage the services of a reputable property agent or agency such as to facilitate the smooth buying, selling, or renting process.

Q: What are the nearby amenities and shopping centres accessible from Martina Mansions Condo?

A: Residents can easily access amenities such as United Square Shopping Mall, Goldhill Plaza, and the vibrant Orchard Road shopping belt for a diverse range of retail and dining options.

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