Parkway Parade Shopping Centre: Your Ultimate Guide Shopping Mall in Marine Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269

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Discover the wonders of Parkway Parade, the go-to shopping mall in Marine Parade, Singapore. Our comprehensive guide promises to enhance your shopping experience with a directory of shops, amenities, and insider tips. Learn why Parkway Parade at 80 Marine Parade Road is a must-visit for every shopper.

What Makes Parkway Parade a Premier Shopping Destination in Singapore?

Parkway Parade stands out as a premier shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Since its official opening in 1984, this suburban mall has been catering to diverse shopping needs with an array of over 250 stores under one roof. Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, or dining options, Parkway Parade has it all.

How Can You Navigate Parkway Parade Mall Efficiently?

With seven storeys of retail shops, navigating Parkway Parade can seem daunting. However, the mall’s layout is designed to be easy to navigate, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. The directory available at the mall and online can guide you to your desired shop or amenity quickly.

Best Denki at Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
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What Are the Must-Visit Shops at Parkway Parade?

Parkway Parade houses an impressive selection of shops ranging from local brands to international outlets. Must-visit shops include Best Denki for electronics, Isetan for a department store experience, and Harvey Norman for homeware and electrical appliances.

Din Tai Fung in Parkway Parade Shopping Centre

Can Parkway Parade Satisfy Your Cravings with Its Food Choices?

Absolutely! Dining at Parkway Parade is a treat with its variety of restaurants, cafes, and food courts. Whether you crave local delights at Food Republic or international cuisines at Din Tai Fung, your taste buds will be satisfied.

Cathay Cineplex cinema in Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
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Does Parkway Parade Offer Entertainment and Wellness Amenities?

Entertainment is plentiful at Parkway Parade with facilities like Cathay Cineplex cinema and the Petite Park playground for children. Wellness amenities are also available, ranging from fitness centres on level 7 to numerous clinics offering health services.

Where Can You Park When Visiting Parkway Parade?

Parking is never an issue at Parkway Parade. The mall provides ample parking space for shoppers. The proximity to East Coast Parkway (ECP) makes it easily accessible by car.

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How Accessible Is Parkway Parade via Public Transport?

Located in the heart of Marine Parade, Parkway Parade is readily accessible via public transport. The closest MRT station and a network of buses make it convenient for shoppers traveling from different parts of Singapore.

What Unique Services Does Parkway Parade Offer Its Shoppers?

Parkway Parade goes beyond just shopping by offering unique services such as banks for financial transactions, optical services for eyewear needs, and a diverse range of accessory and jewellery shops.

Toys 'R' Us in Parkway Parade Shopping Centre

How Does Parkway Parade Cater to Family Shopping Needs?

Families love Parkway Parade for its comprehensive range of children’s wear, toy shops like Toys ‘R’ Us, and family-friendly dining options such as Burger King and Cedele Bakery. The suburban mall ensures a comfortable shopping experience for all ages.

What Sets Parkway Parade Apart from Other Shopping Malls in Singapore?

Unlike other malls along Orchard Road, Parkway Parade offers a dynamic shopping experience in a suburban setting. With its proprietary mix of retail shops, amenities, and annual events, it stands out as a shopping mall with character and convenience.

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Why Is Parkway Parade an Ideal Spot for Both Quick Visits and Long Shopping Sprees?

Whether you’re in for quick takeaways or an extended shopping spree, Parkway Parade accommodates both with its well-thought-out layout featuring a shopping mall with a basement, supermarket options like FairPrice Xtra, and a variety of quick-service restaurants.

  • Parkway Parade is a dynamic seven-storey shopping mall located at 80 Marine Parade Road.
  • Navigating the mall is made easy with an accessible directory and intuitive layout.
  • Shopper favourites include Best Denki, Isetan, and Harvey Norman among the 250 stores.
  • Food choices range from local fare at Food Republic to international cuisines.
  • Entertainment and wellness amenities include Cathay Cineplex and various fitness centres.
  • Ample parking facilities and excellent public transport connectivity ensure easy access.
  • Unique services like banking, optical care, and an array of accessory shops are available.
  • Family-friendly with children’s wear outlets, toy stores, playgrounds, and eateries.
  • Stands out from city centre malls with its suburban charm and annual events.
  • Ideal for both quick visits or extended shopping trips with convenient facilities.

FAQ of Parkway Parade Shopping Centre

Q: What is Parkway Parade Shopping Centre in Marine Parade, Singapore?

A: Parkway Parade Shopping Centre is a prestigious suburban shopping complex located at 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore. It consists of a 17-floor office tower and a seven-storey shopping mall, making it a landmark in the Marine Parade area. Owned by Parkway Parade Partnership Limited, the centre was officially opened to cater to the needs of residents in Katong and the wider Marine Parade community.

Q: What can I find in the shopping mall in Marine Parade?

A: The shopping mall in Marine Parade boasts a wide range of stores across its seven floors, including a supermarket, department stores like Marks & Spencer, and a variety of retail shops offering fashion, stationery, novelty items, and watch collections. It’s also home to Daiso, known for its wide range of affordable products.

Q: Is there a directory available for Parkway Parade?

A: Yes, Parkway Parade Shopping Centre offers a comprehensive directory available at customer service kiosks throughout the mall and online. This directory covers all tenants, including food and beverage outlets, retail shops, and service providers, making it easier for visitors to find what they need on any level, particularly the popular level 3.

Q: What parking facilities are available at the shopping mall in Marine Parade?

A: Parkway Parade Shopping Centre provides ample parking facilities as part of its commitment to convenience for shoppers and visitors, with parking areas efficiently managed to accommodate vehicles of patrons and the office tower tenants.

Q: Are there any annual events held at Parkway Parade Singapore?

A: Yes, Parkway Parade Singapore hosts a variety of annual events that attract visitors from across Singapore and beyond. These are designed to enhance the shopping experience with festive sales, cultural celebrations, and family-friendly activities, contributing to the centre’s vibrant atmosphere.

Q: How accessible is Parkway Parade from other parts of Singapore?

A: Parkway Parade is highly accessible from various parts of Singapore. Although not directly connected to an MRT station, it is well-serviced by multiple bus routes, making it easy for visitors to reach the shopping centre from anywhere in Singapore.

Q: What makes Parkway Parade unique compared to other shopping malls in Marine Parade?

A: Parkway Parade stands out due to its combination of a 17-floor office tower and a seven-storey shopping complex, its strategic location at 80 Marine Parade Rd, the comprehensive range of products and services offered, including a hypermarket, and its ownership and management under Parkway Parade Partnership Limited. The centre’s annual events and its integration within the Katong community also contribute to its uniqueness.

Q: Are there any dining options at Parkway Parade?

A: Yes, Parkway Parade offers an extensive array of dining options ranging from fast food outlets to fine dining restaurants and cafes. This variety ensures that there’s something to suit every palate and dining preference.

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